Social Networking Traffic Tactics

Go where the people are
Use a social network that is busy. You want to go where other people are going to get the most effect from your efforts.

Optimize for best results
Do everything you can on your page to make it stand out and be memorable. You want to optimize it to the max so you will get the most benefit.

Add friends carefully
On most networks you can choose to screen any friends before they are added. You should choose this option and make sure that you are friends with people who represent your values and support your overall message. Take the time to check out each request and just don’t approve everyone who asks.

Add content with care
Make sure that anything you put on your page represents you. Make sure it is professional and will not tarnish your image in any way.

Use multi-media
Make use f the video and audio features most of these sites give you. Add your own video and audio for a truly unique experience that represents you.

Be aware of your audience
Make sure you understand that you are dealing with the general public. That may include children. You should always take the high road and never put anything questionable on your page.